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Paladin 4 pre-leveling treasure

Diving for many years

Just a try this number is not actually deleted. . . .

Play Magazine 4 have 20 hours of it, because it is 31 to buy the game, the activation is successful, their next rp Oh Kwame

In fact, the game itself is still possible.

Around a few years Europe and the United States on comes up, the hard disk has been released along with Ranger District, BT go doing we have 5 years no contact with domestic games

This time is really directed at buying cents 4 cents a time to play before moving to buy

Now look at you, so many questions, also feel very sorry indeed, the problem is so serious that a few people concerned about the game itself

Closer to home, hidden so long to rise to the point of it was something with ah

Leveling has always been deliberately offensive, this time can be chosen to catch up 4 cents Xiaoguai also have special hard hit

Would like to find a place along the way were not leveling

Chen fuzhoucheng story hit play, it will be sent to the broadcast Yu Jian Xian town

I said in the last line on the hill where the road

Practice to ask that what means to take a small frog practice it ha ha!!!

Do not look up are generally three ice clams (20), but also thousands of blood, but they will call clams and Bing Chan Bing Wang

Ice less than 200 clams own experience, but the experience of thousands of Wang Bing Chan (no specific count too, as have high evaluation)

Played a few aside, the experience was a growing

Lightly beat the first two toad king, and the evaluation actually reached the second

Then deliberately keep a small toad Why, out on the waiting toad king haha

The following are the Principal of each evaluation on!!

5,6 a battle, only Bing Chan King, in the Principal's Award, the experience of over 10 000! Money to thousands of other orchids not say seven or eight bad light that the experience is quite a cool million in the

Toads are the property of water, there is a normal attack, water and call poison attack. Slow, normal attacks are weak

Water poisoning attack is more trouble, and was unable to increase blood after the water toxicity, and is not engaged in protracted war, so suggest that you bring enough to the flame grass (to water poisoning, like the name) will be destroyed toad king will be the flame grass, as shown

Another toad king or higher attack power will be the primary water skills. Blood of about 2000. Fighting to add more blood, it is indispensable

Enough experience so down 10,000 liters of an of (when I went to 23), and kick down the inevitable full of energy, you can then find a frog haha

This fight can easily down a few rose to 29

30 or so levels is too large since, scoring a serious decline, it is recommended not to stay up after 30. Xiaoguai subsequent fight was feeling better and more

Turned a few pages did not find a similar paste

Do not know we are not interested in being

At least I think the game itself is made possible

Screen on the tolerance, and Who made it

The card is really difficult to solve the problem, my new computer though the card is not serious, but also affected the flow of the game

Hope that other playing cents 4-line friends to support what has

Praised what effect the way patch

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SA118 Chinese translation 2

Chapter II into the system (Accessing the system)
Translation: hfzheng
Be sure to keep the information reproduced translator!
User Account
Each user in the system must have an account, to log system. All user accounts in / etc / passwd file is defined, the file also includes the user to identify unique elements.
Root Account
Root ID and password in the Solaris operating environment settings during installation. This is the system administrator to carry out specific management tasks login account.
/ Etc / passwd file entry
Each / etc / passwd file entry includes the following seven parts:
lLogin ID: Login ID, including the system successfully identified the required login information, login ID is usually the user name, name of the portfolio, such as the user Bob Wood's login ID can be bobw, bwood, woodb. Login ID number must abide by three conditions: no more than eight characters; lowercase characters; unique.
lPlaceholder (placeholder): This is the part that password, password stored in the file / etc / shadow in. / Etc / shadow file contains the encrypted password and the password is invalid information (the so-called password failure message, for example, how many users need to change your password, or passwords will no longer be available), the file only by the system administrator read.
l Note: Normally, the user's full name
lLogin Direcotry: as the user's home directory, used to store the user's personal files
l default shell: When the user logs on to the system shell type of work
Login (logging in)
CDE (Common Desktop Environment) Login Manager displays the login screen, is the entrance into the system, you can login screen enter your login name and password
By selecting the Options menu, choose option, you can login from the command line
Options button (option button)
When you select the options button, the login screen will list your login option:
Common Desktop Environment
OpenWindow Desktop
User's Last Desktop
FailSafe Session
Remote Login
Enter Host Name
Choose Host From List
Command Line Login
Reset Login Screen
Language: You can use the options menu to choose for your specific language of the session, the default language set by the system administrator.
Session (session): you can choose your working desktop environment (such as CDE or OpenWindow). FailSafe Session on the workstation desktop to open a simple terminal window, when you just need to access a terminal window for faster implementation of a number of command is useful, do not have to log in and wait for the desktop session starts. You can type exit out of FailSafe Session.
Log in failure when other methods can be considered as a backup log FailSafe Session Method
remote Login (remote login): Remote login allows you to connect to a remote system and open a Remote Desktop login. This action allows you to specify the remote system's host name or select from a list of the remote system.
Command line log: command line login so you can work in a traditional non-GUI mode, the model is not a desktop session, when the system is in the command line login, the desktop is suspended. When you exit from the command line prompt manner, CDE login screen is displayed again.
Restart the login screen: This option allows you to restart the login screen
Log in using the login screen:
Log in to the desktop from the login screen session, do the following:
1, type the login ID (user name) and press Enter or click the ok button.
2, in the password text box, type your password and press Enter or click the ok button.
How the system does not recognize the user name and password, click StartOver button to re-enter your log on information.
Command line log:
1, in the Options drop-down menu, select command line login, the login screen will be replaced by a console prompt;
2, press the Enter username entry access;
3, enter your user name and press Enter;
4, enter your password and press Enter, the password will not appear on the screen.
Password required
Password used to protect unauthorized access, in the Solaris operating environment, user passwords must meet the following conditions:
l 6-8 characters in length;
l includes at least two letters, at least one lowercase letter;
l and the Login ID must be different;
l and the last at least three characters in different code;
l can include spaces.
These conditions can not afford to invalid password on the root.
Change password
Change your password regularly helps prevent unauthorized access.
Way to modify the password in the CDE:
CDE session to modify the way the password with the following steps:
1, from the desktop to open a terminal window;
2, in the shell prompt, enter the passwd command, Enter;
3, when the Enter login password: prompt appears, enter the current password login system, a carriage return;
4, when the Enter new password: prompt appears, enter the new password, Enter;
5, once again enter a new password for the password authentication system;
In the command line to modify the password:
In the command line to modify the password the following steps:
1, enter the passwd command at the prompt, Enter;
2, enter the current password;
3, enter the new password;
4 Enter the new password again enter the password for system verification;
For example:
$ Passwd
passwd: Changing password for user1
Enter login password:
New password:
Re-enter new passwd:
passwd (SYSTEM): passwd successfully changed for user1

Protection CDE session
CDE session protection to prevent unauthorized users into the system, there are two ways to protect CDE session:
l lock the screen
l out of session
Lock screen: lock screen can prevent unauthorized users from entering your CDE session, but also keep your session intact. Padlock button on the front panel is used to protect the screen, increase the password-protected. To re-enter your CDE session, enter your password and press Enter.
Out of session: There are two ways out of the session, one is to use the Exit button; another is from the workspace menu, select the log out option.
Use the exit button to exit: exit button on the front panel is used to exit from a CDE session. By default, will display an exit confirmation window, click the ok button to confirm exit, or when the ok button is highlighted, press the Enter key. Home CDE session is automatically saved, the next CDE session can return to the same workspace.
Use the workspace menu exit: exit the menu using the Workspace, right-click the desktop area, the work area from the Options menu, select Exit. By default, will display an exit confirmation window, click the ok button to confirm exit, or when the ok button is highlighted, press the Enter key. Home CDE session is automatically saved, the next CDE session can return to the same workspace.
Basic UNIX commands:
Once you log on to the system, using module 1 "Solaris Operating Environment Introduction" referred to in any way to open a terminal window, Korn shell command line prompt appears in the beginning, that shell is well prepared to receive orders.
For the Bourne shell and korn shell, the default prompt is the dollar sign ($), C shell prompt is the default percent sign (%).
Use the uname command
uname command lists information about the system, by default, type the command will display the name of the current operating system.
Show operating system name
Need to display the name of the current operating system, execute the following command:
$ Uname

Use the date command
date command displays the current date and time system
Display the date and time
Need to display the date and time, perform the following command:
$ Date
Use cal command
cal command displays the current calendar years.
Show calendar:
Need to display the calendar, the following command:
$ Cal
February 2000
S M Tu W Th F S
272 829

Command-line syntax
You can use commands with options and parameters to enhance the functions of command, UNIX command of basic grammar, including:
$ Command option (s) argument (s)
command: the executable (for help system to do)
option: correction command (used to describe what to do)
argument: file name, directory name, or text
Here are some zone option and the argument of the command examples:
$ Cal 2000 (Command and argument)
$ Uname-rpns (Command and multiple options)
$ Cal 12 1999 (Command and two arguments)
$ Banner "hi there" (Command and argument)
$ Ls (Command)
$ Ls-l (Command and option)
$ Ls directory_name (Command and argument)
$ Ls-l directory_name (Command, option, and argument)

Control characters
Through the use of special control characters, you can stop and start screen output, delete the entire command, stop command execution.
To enter control characters in the sequence, press the Control key and press the corresponding character on the keyboard to complete the desired action.
Control-c: termination order
Control-d: directed or exit end of file
Control-q: When the screen is locked out after the resumption of the screen
Control-s: stop screen output
Control-u: remove the command line
Control-w: Delete the last word in the command line
View online documentation
Online UNIX Reference Manual (also known as the man page) on the commands and their usage in detail description. Solaris operating environment includes a manual page. Man command is used to display any given command-line manual pages.
Command format
$ Man command_name
Use the man command with no arguments
You can call the man command with no arguments, such as:
$ Man uname
Reformatting page. Please Wait ... done
User Commands uname (1)
uname - print name of current system
uname [-aimnprsvX]
uname [-S system_name]
The uname utility prints information about the current sys-
tem on the standard output. When options are specified, sym-
bols representing one or more system characteristics will be
written to the standard output. If no options are specified,
uname prints the current operating system's name. The
options print selected information returned by uname (2),
sysinfo (2), or both.

Page in the manual scroll
Given below using the man command is used to control manual page scroll key:
Spacebar: Displays the manual page of the next screen
Enter: a rolling line manual page
b: to roll back a screen
f: a screen roll
q: exit the man command
/ Pattern: forward search pattern
n: Find next pattern occurs
h: list of all the scroll key
Search manual pages by section
In the manual page contains a number of different section, the manual page at the bottom of the SEE ALSO section lists the current subject matter described in other manuals, how these manuals have a number in brackets that you can use with-s option visit the manual page section.
For example, the implementation of the $ man passwd shows the manual page for the passwd command, and gives how to modify the
password, SEE ALSO the following:
finger (1), login (1), nispasswd (1), nistbladm (1),
yppasswd (1), domainname (1M), eeprom (1M), id (1M),
passmgmt (1M), pwconv (1M), su (1M), useradd (1M), userdel (1M),
Implementation of the $ man-s4 passwd displays information about the / etc / passwd file, the command $ man-s3C crypt display information about password encryption process.

Search manual pages by keyword:
When you name a command not sure, you can use with the command man-k option is used to develop a theme as a keyword.
$ Man-k calendar
cal cal (1) - display a calendar
calendar calendar (1) - reminder service
difftime difftime (3c) - computes the difference between two
calendar times
mktime mktime (3c) - converts a tm structure to a calendar

Determine the current user
who command can display the currently logged on to the local system's user list, including the login name, terminal type, login date and time has passed since the last time after the action. If the user remote login, will show the name of the user's remote system.
Command format:

$ Who
user1 console Feb 25 13:50 (: 0)
user1 pts / 4 Feb 25 14:37 (: 0.0)
user1 pts / 6 Feb 25 14:54 (: 0.0)
user1 pts / 7 Feb 25 15:24 (: 0.0)

Determine the user name
Use who am i command can determine the user name
Command format
who am i
$ Who am i
user1 pts / 7 Feb 25 15:24 (: 0.0)

Determine the details of the user group
Use the id command identifies a system user's UID, user name, GID, group name.
Command format:
id username

$ Id
uid = 11001 (user1) gid = 10 (staff)

A number of commands entered on the command line
Semicolon (;) is a special symbol, usually used as a command separator. Semicolon so that you can enter more than one command line command, when you press the Enter key, the implementation of each command shell from left to right.
Examples are as follows:
$ Cd; ls
dante dir2 file.1 file1 file4 practice
dante_1 dir3 file.2 file2 fruit
dir1 dir4 file.3 file3 fruit2

$ Date; cal; pwd
Thu Feb 17 16:49:34 MST 2000
February 2000
S M Tu W Th F S
272 829
/ Export/home/user1

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Export and the introduction of the registry

Export and the introduction of the registry
Registry is stored in binary on the hard disk. When we modify the registry will inevitably cause problems, even fatal failure. Then back up the registry file and restore the very significance. In addition, you can be in the registry of a primary key or subkey is saved as a text file, and print it out, to study the structure of the registry.
Export Registry File
As a backup, we can Regedit Editor, click "Registry" menu under "Export Registry File" command, and select the Export range "All", will back up the registry file on your hard disk. As a general back-up, in Regedt32 be completed on, such as saving a root key, or a primary key (a key).

In the Registry Editor Regedt32 to save data within the registry, you can save root key, primary key or a subkey. First choice to save the primary key or subkey, and then click the "Registry / Save Key" command, as shown:

Then pop-up "Save Key" dialog box, where you want to save the registry file input file name, extension generally use the REG, shown in Figure:

As some of the primary key or subkey, and because different users use, or is the primary key or subkey is used by the system will be prompted to disable access to the warning, as shown:

If you are a system administrator, for some primary key or subkey can give permission for, such as editing the registry settings for a user permission to modify the printer. Operation, please click the "security" menu under "permissions" command, as shown:

A "registry key permissions" dialog box, select the name of a particular user, and then in the "Access Type" drop-down list, select the access type, as shown:

There are three access types, namely: "read", "Full Control", "selective access." Selected the options and then click Full Control "OK" button.
If you want to view to modify a primary key or a subkey of the owner's name, in the "Security" menu, select "owner" command, will pop up a dialog box as shown below, if you are using the system of permissions than the user higher authority, click the "take ownership" button to the primary key or subkey to modify, as shown:

Otherwise, the owner can only view, and then click "Close" button?.

We can also export the registry file as a text file, the operation of the method is to use the mouse to select "Registry / subdirectory tree will save as" command, and name it as TXT file extension, then click " Save "button. So that we can use WordPad or Notepad Windwos view.

The introduction of the registry file
There are two ways to introduce the registry file, one is available to restore a primary key is the use of previously backed up registry files or other sources through the registry file to overwrite the existing primary key.

Operation, please click the "Registry" menu under "restore" command, and "restore item" window, select to restore the registry files (note the selected file is now selected the contents of the same primary key), Finally, click "Open" button, as shown:

Will bring up a "warning" dialog box, shown in Figure:

The dialog box asking whether to overwrite the existing primary key of the operation, attention is to restore the currently selected item, the two elements must be consistent.
Another method is to load into the hive, please use the mouse to select a primary key, then select "Registry" menu under "Load Hive" command (and restore the difference is that it introduces the primary key may be registered table does not have, please note the difference between the two), as shown:

Then in the "Load Hive" dialog select the registry file to load, as shown:

Click "Open" button, a "Load Hive" dialog box, in the dialog box "item name" text entry box enter the name of the new primary key, as shown:

Then click "OK" button, so you find the primary key of the following in the current emergence of a new primary key (. NEWUSER), shown in Figure:

In order to unload the hive is very simple (note that before uninstalling the primary key for backup), select the primary key, click the "Registry / Unload Hive" command, as shown:

Editing program will prompt you to uninstall operation, as shown:

Click "Yes (Y)" button on the primary key will be deleted from the registry (but note that some important software, hardware, information can not be unloaded off of).

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Is out of date, ADSL Anecdotes

ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) stands for asymmetric digital subscriber line, is called a non-symmetric, is due to the realization rate is up less than 1Mbps, down less than 7Mbps. It is a home or small business can make use of the existing telephone network with high-frequency digital compression for network service providers ISP for broadband access technology. This access method so it is a non-symmetrical manner, from ISP-ended client (downlink) requires large bandwidth to support, but from the client to the ISP side (upstream) bandwidth of only a small amount can be.

ADSL principle introduced

ADSL modem and ISDN and traditional as well as the transmission medium using the telephone network. When the two ends of a pair of telephone lines were in place an ADSL device, the use of modern frequency modulation and coding, this phone line will be able to create three information channels: a high-speed downlink channel (1.5 1.8Mbps), one is the speed duplex channel, one is the ordinary telephone channel, and these three channels can work simultaneously. That is, it can get the most out of existing telephone line data transmission capacity, so users can access a telephone line not only fast-track "Surf", you can call to send a fax, call or reduced without affecting the effect of Internet . Specific work flow is: ADSL Modem encoded by the signal transmitted through the telephone line telephone office and then by a signal recognition / separator, if it is transmitted voice signal on the telephone switch, if the digital signal to access Internet.

See Figure 1, ADSL service is composed mainly of the following:

Figure 1 ADSL diagram

* ATM Backbone (ATM backbone): is the ISP to provide broadband services to the core backbone network, is the intersection of all data. Not only provides high bandwidth, and because ATM has its own advantages, making use of the channel and data exchange more efficient.

* DSLAM (DSL ATM multiplexer): This is the central office equipment to provide ADSL services. Central Office on a similar program-controlled switches.

* Telephone lines to provide services: the current ADSL services provided through the normal analog telephone line that carries voice and data services. People were asked whether the ISDN line will be converted into ADSL line, in fact, provide ISDN is a digital transmission, and ADSL must rely on analog circuit implementation.

* Voice, data separation / integrator: This is an important part of the output in the central office DSLAM ADSL central office line and voice line when the device is integrated through a transmission line. To the client and then separated by a similar device to form a data line, a voice line.

* ADSL CPE equipment (ADSL customer premises equipment): This is a user-purchase or lease of equipment to the central office. Usually ADSL Modem or ADSL Router.

Some of the problems on the ADSL

* ADSL in the end be able to provide much speed? See from Figure 2, ADSL lines using a frequency higher than the Mandarin audio line (4400kHz), up to 1MHz. Therefore, to provide 8Mbps maximum bandwidth.

Figure 2 ADSL lines over the frequency of use of 4400Hz

* ADSL there are no weaknesses? It is susceptible to interference, high requirements for the line, with the cable length increases the quality of subsequent deterioration of data transmission.

* ADSL is not an outdated technology?

In fact, the application of each technique has its surface, just as Bluetooth technology is the same as 10 meters for communication, and wireless local area network suitable for a wider range communication. I believe that, ADSL as an ordinary telephone line can transfer the technology itself has very good flexibility, that is, each ADSL phone users are directly applicable. Also for home users and small and medium enterprises do not need a guarantee by buying bandwidth of 10M FTTB access the Internet, as 10M itself is virtual, if it is the commitment rate, then ISP, ISP to guarantee the export of the Internet bandwidth, this cost is not generally Users can affordable.

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IDC how to charge only reasonable

The Internet is an innovative, industry, and it can change each to the customer, to the end consumers more benefits. Data center industry as Internet infrastructure builders and operators, one of the pace of its more representative and forward-looking. Wind at the end of Qingping, pricing model indicates the transition bandwidth of our previous views on the need to rewrite.

Actual use of resources to pay

We face from everyone I start charging for telecommunications, which in fact has been a matter of common concern in recent years, the hot, like the way the phone charges, mobile and fixed phones, etc. to determine the minimum billing unit of time, such as that the use of fixed phones, why are they only say 1 minute, or even only a few seconds, 3 minutes have to pay the money? That which must exist irrational factors.

In fact, unreasonableness not only seen in the voice communications, data communications, there is the same, or even more serious. Bandwidth of the hire, the common unit charges generally 2M, 10M and 100M of three grades, which means that one would like to use the 15M bandwidth, customers will have to buy 100M. Although many consumers a few dollars, dozens of dollars unreasonable tariff and the cry for justice, but in data communications, the user has paid much more should not pay the cost, however, no doubt sound, this is really a bit strange. As the century, vice president of Internet Data Center Co., Ltd Chang Chun by analogy, the fixed bandwidth rental costs as phone users than the number of actual telephone call payments, but must choose to play 100 or 1000 phone; in order to prevent possible The telephone service was terminated embarrassing situation, he might have to buy their own business needs above telephone number, and to pay a lot of money. So why not use the basis of his actual phone number of charges?

Width does not equal fast

At present, the telecommunications industry with CKS surging tide of change. Advances in technology to promote the traditional circuit-switched to packet-switched transfer of pace. This change is comprehensive, it also brings the telecommunications business model and fee adjustments. We are now facing some of the irrational factors that are actually content with the old rates of new business caused by incompatible way.

The current telecom operators, especially Internet data center operators usually 2M, 10M and 100M bandwidth unit receives a fixed fee per month. These figures actually refer to the server from the client to the operator connected with the backbone network bandwidth between routers, rather than any visitor can enjoy bandwidth. Some customers may have felt was not proportional to the bandwidth and access speed, this is because the Internet is a shared network, numerous nodes, the network users to access a company's Web site actually been a lot of packet nodes , any node of the delay will allow users to find the site to respond fast enough, and this delay is beyond the control of a single operator's. From this perspective, the width does not mean fast, simple bandwidth charges to the user or data center in terms of the perspective of both the existence of certain one-sidedness.

Long overdue attempt

In fact in the world, at all levels of telecom operators are trying to use the new pricing model to give customers more transparency, more flexibility and more fair price, while leading a more rational purchase and use of bandwidth. But in China, due to the lag of awareness, technical power shortages and restrictions 缃戠粶 hardware environment, pricing model of transition Cai just Kaishi, Qizhongdongzuo of a century faster Internet network Shuju 涓績. They have begun to recommend their clients use the new pricing model, that is not simply buy bandwidth based on customer receives a fixed monthly fee, but by the Shiji of data traffic charges. This requires a considerable foundation.

First, from the technical point of view, charging a fixed monthly fee simple and direct, while data traffic charges by means of the continuous flow of customers to monitor and measure, technical requirements greatly increased. But the point is still worth the trouble, because that their customers can have a clear understanding traffic, but also can know Liuliang time and space distribution of the business development and market strategy adjustment of great significance. Century is connected with MRTG (Multiple Router Traffic Grapher) software for data traffic statistics. It is a 5-minute sampling interval, and then generate a detailed chart, intuitive and clear. Some of the world famous Internet data center operators, such as AboveNet and Exodus, adopted the software for monitoring and billing. Century, while Internet use MRTG statistics also adopted the principle of the customer 5% of the peak traffic out of the baseline beyond the billing, so customers need not worry about traffic accidents caused by large transient rise in the price.

In addition to technical means to ensure network resources are also affected by the charging method in which one of the determinants. A data center operator may own the hardware environment is very advanced, fiber optic cabling used in all interior rooms, routers and switches is also the top, but it also depends on the final speed of access and backbone networks, export-bandwidth Internet connection. It's a bit like Beijing's Third Ring Road, the road itself is very good condition, light on the fast track is the four-looked, but because of the narrow exit, poor traffic flow, affecting road capacity. This network data center may prefer a fixed rate pricing model, because it can not guarantee that the final speed of access. The Century Internet bandwidth resources fairly obvious advantages, it is first approved by Ministry of Information Industry access to the national Internet Exchange (NAP) of professional IDC company, broadband access NAP with nine state-owned public peering backbone ( Public Peering). It also with China Telecom, China Unicom and China Netcom signed a commercial peering (Private Peering) agreement and the agreement with ChinaNet Internet bandwidth 922M, is by far and ChinaNet peer networking connectivity and bandwidth of the IDC's largest companies buy .

Responsibility for the data center

Chang Chun-century Internet that the Internet does not exist a real exclusive bandwidth, everything is shared, and customers are most concerned about is speed rather than "exclusive" or "shared" bandwidth. Exclusive distribution of the bandwidth speed is only one way to ensure it can not effectively control costs. Another way to non-full-bandwidth. With the highway, for example, enjoys a bandwidth as the four loop are assigned to a customer to use, although the speed is faster, but the customer has to pay the huge independent expenditures occupy four loop. In the new model, all customers can use the Fourth Ring Road, the customer traffic over the network once the peak capacity of 60% of the road will be widened. Thus, not only the customer can be assured the server response time and reduce costs.

"The new pricing model enable service providers to assume more responsibility," Chang Chun said, "It also advocates user scientific, planned use of network bandwidth, according to the actual amount paid, less pay less, use more, pay. For customers, the payment will be according to actual use of savings, and to more efficient use of bandwidth. "


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lohan DVD to MPEG

Lohan DVD to MPEG - A fast DVD to MPEG converter which can convert and burn AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, Xvid, ASF, 3GP, Youtube FLV to DVD VOB VCD SVCD easily. With this DVD VCD SVCD converter, you will know how to make a DVD video. You can use it to convert and burn DivX, Xvid, AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB files to DVD with chapter Menu. With that, you can convert downloaded videos and burn files into DVD, which means Internet become the storehouse of your home theater! Get Free download now!

Lohan DVD to MPEG - What a powerful and attractive AVI, MPG, MPEG 1/2/4, WMV, MOV, MP4, RM, RMVB, DivX, Xvid, ASF, 3GP, Youtube FLV to VOB converter. This software can burn DivX to DVD and convert DivX to VOB and finish all your tasks with the fastest speed possible and the best quality available. No one will ask how to make a DVD video anymore once they try this great DivX to VOB converter. We highly recommend this program because we think it will make your multimedia life a lot easier and more enjoyable. It allows you to specify NTSC or PAL format, adjust 4:3 or 16:9 video aspect, and burn either DVD disc or ISO file. By setting bitrate and framerate, you can get excellent quality on TV screen. Just free download and enjoy it right now!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Bliss CDA M4A ID3 to MPC Copier

Bliss CDA M4A ID3 to MPC Copier is a powerful Windows tool that makes perfect copies of the original sound tracks as smaller sized MP3, WMA, and OGG in an easy way. With its advanced preferences, Bliss CDA M4A ID3 to MPC Copier lets you encode only those MP3s which are of specific bit rate or which are of particular channel mode. This audio file conversion software is a sound file format converter for Windows or Mac. It can convert audio files from many different file formats into mp3, wav or wma files including wav to mp3, mp3 to wav, wma to mp3 and much more (eg. CD, CDA, CD-R, DVD-Audio, AAC, AC3, ID3, M3U, M4A, M4P, MP3 ID3 Tag, OGG, RA, WAV, WMA, MP2, APE, VQF, MPC, AMR, Midi, WAVE, and RM). This audio file converter is very easy to use. Just add the files you want to convert to the list, select the format you want to use, and then click the convert button. Now start converting!